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You can't read any more of Nomadic Matt's blogs about Paris, or Jodi's posts about soup have gone cold too? Well then I might have the right blog for you! My name is Josh and I'm a travel journalist. Sometimes I enjoy getting lost in Iran, or when I get bored I try to get involved in turmoil and revolutions in the Middle East. I crossed a mine field in Bosnia too and survived, barely. But I do have a serious side too, and sometimes nice people invite me to review their airlines or hotels because they think I rock, that's very flattering, thank you. On my travel wish list: Mogadishu, Kabul, Baghdad and maybe...




15th April

Today was probably one of my more exciting days. My story "The day I got lost in Iran" was featured by news.com.au, Australia's biggest news website. I gained a lot of new readers and am incredibly honored to be mentioned on such a big website. Thank you!

news.com.au Josh cahill


11th April

Front page! Yesterday I was featured in Saxony's biggest newspaper called Freie Presse. That's pretty awesome and I love the article. Good and happy news :)

Freie Presse Josh cahill


31st March

I moved to my new base in Penang and it's really an awesome place. Glad to be back in one of the best parts of the world :)


23rd March

I have landed in Malaysia! I'm going to stay in Penang, Malaysia for the next couple of weeks. It's going to be my base and you can expect a couple of new articles. Stay tuned and enjoy reading them.


15th March

This is very unique! Jaam-e Jam, Tehran's most printed and popular newspaper has dedicated a whole page to the travel adventures I've had in Iran. It covers my story about the day I got lost in Iran. It is one of the most memorable days of my time as a traveller and I'm glad newspapers around the world are picking it up. It was also published on Iranian.com, News.com.au and now in Jaam-e Jam.


3rd March

YES! GoTravelYourWay has been nominated in the category "Best Australian or New Zealand weblog" for the 2014 Weblog Awards, the longest running and one of the largest blog awards in the world. Please vote for me here: http://2014.bloggi.es/


22nd February

Wuhuuu...I'm the Travel Blogger of the Month according to Austria's biggest travel community Tripwolf.com. My first award after only seven months of blogging :) Thanks, this is super awesome and I couldn't be happier. Have a look at what I had to say here.


31st January

Goodbye Australia! I have 50 more days before I have to leave Melbourne. The good thing is I'm going to hit the road again! These are my travel plans for the next couple of months:


March-May -> Malaysia (Penang, Langkawi and Kuala Lumpur)

May -> Maldives and Sri Lanka (Male, Colombo and Kandy)

June -> back to Germany for the FIFA World Cup :)

August -> I have no idea :)


20th January

That's pretty awesome! Justin from True Nomads, one of the most followed travel bloggers in the world included me in his list "Travelers that will inspire you" - Amazing. Check it out!


10th January

Kimmy from AfterGlobe mentioned my blog as one of the "must read" blogs in 2014, isn't that great? Have a look and see all the other great travel writers mentioned in this great article


4th January

Happy New Years everyone! I had a very peaceful Christmas with the family and took a few days off from blogging. But now I'm back and you can be excited for new amazing articles :)


7th December

I'm very very happy, my just five month old blog experienced its first Google Page Rank update and I was ranked PR4. According to other bloggers this is a huge accomplishment and I'm very happy that WE got that far. Let's keep up the good work :)


6th December

I guess this is pretty cool, my Qantas review is now a reference on Wikipedia... Isn't that cool? Haha my blog is now part of something big like Wiki... Don't take me seriously right now but that's pretty special to me :D Check out the references on the bottom -> Polar Route


27th November

Today I'm flying to Alice Springs. I'm going to spend a few days with Erika in the Outback to visit the Ayers Rock or also known as Uluru. I will keep you posted on Twitter.


15th October

Have you ever been on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner? Nope? Then check this out!


8th October

Another interview about my Cairo escapades! Megan from Mapping Megan sent me some really great questions and it turned out to be a really cool interview...Check it out!


6th October

Jeremy Kunz, Switzerland's biggest blogger interviewed me about my time in Egypt documenting the protest for his blog Reisewerk.ch, it's only in German though...but hey there is Google translator.


8th September


Wuhuuuu, the Jakarta Globe, Indonesia's biggest newspaper covered my article about my favorite spots in Jakarta...AWESOME!


6th September

A little bit of luxury...The Four Seasons Nile Plaza in Cairo is going to sponsor my stay in Egypt's capital. Yes even a hard boy like me needs a soft duvet sometimes...


21st August

That is pretty awesome, CouchSurfing just shared my blog with 300,000 followers on their facebook. I'm speechless :) Thank you!

20th August

Today I'm online for exactly one month and guess what...I had 20,000 clicks! I couldn't have asked for a better first 30 days. Thank you guys for enjoying the crap I write.


30th July

The Jakarta Globe, Indonesia's leading English news publication featured my article on their website. Thanks, you guys rock!


27th July


22nd July


Chumba Wamba! The City of Mainz shared my blog with all their facebook followers. That's nuts guys, but I don't mind the traffic :D


22nd July

Qantas decided to share my blog with 125,000 followers on Twitter. Cool guys, any time again. Love it!


20th July

Up and running! My blog is online now. Let the adventure begin!

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