10 Reasons to travel to Afghanistan

Afghanistan isn't probably the first place that comes to mind if you plan a vacation but here are actually 10 very unique and special reasons to travel to the country at the Hindu Kush. I can't get any more adventours than that....Enjoy reading the 10 best reasons to visit Afghanistan!

You want to get to know Afghanistan a little better? Here we go!

My new blog posts about Afghanistan are online. I mainly focus on my insights about what being a normal tourist in the country at the Hindu Kush is like. The most important question "Is it safe to travel to Afghanistan?" Enjoy reading "Life on the streets of Kabul" and "Inside the Darul Aman Palace in Kabul"

Perception-changing stories from Iran and Georgia!

This week I picked two stories from my favourite countries in the world, Iran and Georgia. I still remember the day when "I got lost in Iran" and the life changing I experience I made that day. It really showed me that despite the bad image of the country, how helpful and kind the people of Persia really are.

They other story I picked for you is about Georgia, one of the "hidden gems" the world has to offer. I listed 8 great reasons why you should travel to the Caucasus this summer and not miss this beautiful piece of land...

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Travelling to the misunderstood countries of the world...

My name is Josh and I'm a travel writer, journalist and aviation enthusiast. I have a passion for writing about the misunderstood countries on the planet. I love to change people's perspectives, especially on less visited countries and countries that are considered dangerous. I have hitchhiked to Iran, spent the Arab Spring in Cairo and travelled to Afghanistan as a tourist.

My second biggest passion is the aviation industry. I frequently team up with big airlines such as Qatar Airways, Qantas or Safi Airways to review the newest aircrafts or new routes. That's why GoTravelYourWay is among the leading aviation blogs in the world.... Continue reading here.


With MeinFernbus FlixBus to Frankfurt...

Travelling by bus is the "new thing" to do in Germany. For many decades there was no real alternative to travelling interstate but taking the train which often was quite expensive. Those times are over and busses are officially allowed to operate within Germany. That's why I teamed up with MeinFernbusFlixbus on my way to Frankfurt where I will catch my flight to Doha. Let's join the trend and let's see what it's like....

Off to Doha! I'll be among the first bloggers to review the A350...

Next week and to be more specific, between the 27th of April until the 2nd of May I've been invited to travel to Doha by Qatar Airways to review the brand new Airbus A350XWB. I'll be a guest on the Frankfurt to Doha route to get a first insight of the new flagship of the airline from the Middle East. This is going to be an interesting trip and I'll be sure to update you frequently on my Twitter and Facebook accounts.

A great mind changing journey comes to an end...

I'm back from a place that many would call a war zone, but I encountered a community eager to explore new opportunities and a new way of life in times of peace. The country is quickly redeveloping and experiencing real progress. Also when it comes to social questions, women's rights are on the rise and hopefully soon tourists will be able to return to a place that was once a glorious country. A big thank you to Safi Airways for the great partnership.

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