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Budget travelling is about so much more than saving on airplane tickets, finding the cheapest hostel, or negotiating at the local market. The best budget travelling experiences don’t focus only on spending less, but on finding other ways to enrich your experiences, such as having great adventures with fellow travelers and amazing locals.


Enter Staydu, a social travel community that connects budget travelers and locals around the globe, with the goal of enriching experiences and adventures while being simultaneously light on the pocketbook. Created in 2011 by two German students, Staydu facilitates interaction among travelers, connecting them with potential hosts, fellow travelers, and offering work-stay opportunities. In two short years, Staydu’s community has grown to over 12.000 users and almost 3.000 hosts offering accommodation – for work, for money, or for free!

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Finding accommodations with locals via Staydu is a great way to truly experience local lifestyles in another country. You will experience life in a non-touristy way, see locations off the beaten path, make friends, and truly gain perspective on what life is like in another country, or on a different continent. Staydu hosts offer opportunities to work or volunteer while you visit, giving opportunity for acquiring new skills and experiences in locations such as farms, surf- and dive schools, yoga retreats, hostels, social and art projects. There are of course also opportunities to stay in private homes, and with families.


Staydu also works to connect travelers with each other, so even if you’ve already sorted your accommodations, you can find travel companions to share new experiences with. There are also resources and reviews from fellow travelers, and a variety of resources in the Staydu travel magazine, highlighting the best places to hit up when you visit a new country or city, including architecture, restaurants, bars, nature spots, parks, and much more. If you’re looking for a specific piece of info or have a question that hasn’t been answered, you can hit up the Staydu travel forum for a discussion.


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If you’ve ever dreamed of living abroad, getting to know likeminded travelers and locals, if your travel style is the opposite of a tourist holiday, if you’re looking to have adventures, to learn, and broaden your horizons, the Staydu community is an invaluable and totally free resource you don’t want to miss out on. Check out and start planning your next adventure!


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