What to do in Dubai in 48 hours - the perfect city guide!

Emirates stopover in Dubai? Here is your answer for what to do!


The Middle East is an interesting place, full of history and heritage, beautiful nature and a vast culture. But within this lovely part of the Asian continent you will find an oasis of modern ambitions. A city that literally didn't even exist just a few years ago.


What used to be a fishing village has now become one of the most visited places on Earth, home to many people from around the globe. I'm talking about Dubai, the second largest city in the United Arab Emirates and the center of attention within the Persian Gulf.


I used to live in Dubai myself and I met many travellers who just visited the city on a transit, most of the time en route towards Australia. Let's help them by creating this amazing guide on "What to do in 48 hours in Dubai"...

Day 1 in Dubai...

Breakfast at Jumeirah Walk.

After a long flight you probably desire a good breakfast in a place with some nice ambience, right? You should take a taxi straight to the very end of Dubai to a place called Marina. More specifically, let's go for a little stroll on the famous Jumeirah Walk. The walk is a very popular hangout and has many restaurants and cafes. The beach is also just around the corner and is one of the nicest in Dubai.


  • Have some burgers!
  • Go for a stroll on Jumeirah beach near the Hilton.
  • Sit and watch all the cool sport cars driving through.
jumeirah walk

Check out the Palm.

Not far from the Jumeirah Walk is the world famous Palm shaped island. The spectacular artificial island is an especially nice sight to see when flying out of Dubai. At the base of the island you will find one of the most famous hotels in the Emirates, the Atlantis. Why don't you pay her a visit?


  • Check out the Atlantis Water Park with awesome slides.
  • Step inside the hotel for some cool shots in front of the huge aquarium.


More Info: www.atlantisthepalm.com

atlantis palm dubai

Have some lunch at Madinat Jumeirah.

So now it should be around lunch time... how about a bite at the Madinat Jumeirah? The area becomes a bit more traditional now because the Madinat represents a little Arabian village and will give you an impression of Dubai before it became what it is today. You can find many authentic shops, brilliant restaurants, bars and hotels at one of Dubai's finest places.


  • Visit a few of the traditional shops inside for some cool local souvenirs.
  • Take a little boat tour on the channels inside the Souk.
  • Come back in the night and enjoy the lights everywhere and live music.


More Info: www.lonely-planet.com

madinat jumeirah

Take a selfie at the Burj Al Arab.

For a few years the Burj Al Arab was probably the most iconic building in Dubai. The third tallest hotel in the world still dominates the skyline and is known as one of the most luxurious places a human being can stay. It's located just next to the Madinat Jumeirah and a visit to the Burj Al Arab is clearly a must-do experience...


  • Have a drink at the 360° Bar where you can enjoy the view from the tower.
  • If you drive a little further you can take nice shots from the beach with the Burj.


More Info: www.jumeirah.com

burj al arab

Go Ice Skating at Dubai Mall.

How about a little shopping trip in the biggest shopping mall in the world? No, it's not just about buying things but a few hours of fun and entertainment as well. The Dubai Mall also features the biggest aquarium in the world, displaying sharks, turtles and many more cool fish...


  • Check out the Ice Rink for some ice skating fun in the middle of the desert.
  • Do you love rides? Check out the Sega Park within the mall.
  • Try some Arabian coffee or buy some real gold.
  • Visit the Zoo attached to the aquarium, it features many exotic animals.
  • You can find one of the biggest candy stores in the Dubai Mall.


More Info: www.dubai-mall.com

the dubai mall

Stand on Top of the World at Burj Khalifa.

Right at the doorstep of the Dubai Mall you will find the tallest building the world has ever seen. Yes, I am talking about the Burj Khalifa. With 828 meters, the skyscraper overlooks all of Dubai and is visible from everywhere in the region. If you book in advance you can go for a visit to the oberservation platform at 450 meters to enjoy a magnificent view from the top of the world...


  • The best time to visit the observation platform is for sunset at around 6ish.
  • Book online a few weeks in advance to get tickets for the right time.
  • You didn't buy tickets? No problem, the Burj is also a highlight from the bottom!


Book your tickets here: www.burjkhalifa.ae

burj khalifa

Enjoy the Dubai Fountains.

Attached to the Dubai Mall you will find one of the most amazing sights Dubai has to offer. The world famous Dubai Fountain is the world's largest choreographed fountain system, set on the man-made Burj Khalifa Lake. It shoots water up to 152 meters high, synchronised to music like "Time to say Goodbye". It is a real highlight and a must-see. Shows start at 6pm until 11pm and run every half an hour plus two afertnoon shows at 1pm and 1.30pm...


  • Just cross the bridge and walk all the way to end of the lake to enjoy the best view.
  • Many cafes and restaurants around the lake have balconies facing the show.
  • You can also enjoy the show from the Neo's Bar at the Address Hotel.


Find more Info on shows here: Dubai Fountain

the dubai fountain

Have a few drinks at the Vault Bar.

How about ending your day with a few cocktails at one of Dubai's famous sky bars? I won't take you to just any bar but to the record-breaking highest hotel bar in the world, located on the 71st and 72nd floor of the JW Marquis Marriott, the Vault. Those two palm shaped twin towers are currently home to the tallest hotel on the planet...


  • Almost every hotel features a sky bar, you will have plenty of choice!
  • If you are afraid of heights you can also chill at the Barasti Bar in Marina.


More Info: www.marquis-dubai.com

the vault bar dubai

Day 2...

How about a little boat trip?

How about starting the day with a nice dose of fresh sea air? Let's do it! The yellow speed boat is awaiting you. Dubai is worth a view from the sea but you only get an actual view from far out with some real speed. The 12-seater boats are real weapons and have a top speed of 90km p/h - insane!


  • Sit in the front to get the full of experience!
  • The boat will stop in front of major attractions for some photos.
  • If you get seasick easily then you should ask the Skipper to be gentle.


More Info: www.theyellowboats.com

yellow boat tours dubai

Let's go Skydiving.

Do you fancy a little adrenalin rush? How about getting dropped from a plane at 4000 meters to head straight for the Palm? You can't get a better view than that. It's a once in a life time jump and something you gotta do if you have the balls. Skydiving was probably one of the coolest things I have done in terms of extreme sport and I can strongly recommend it...


  • Try to jump in the morning when the haze isn't so bad.
  • It isn't as scary as you think so don't be afraid and enjoy!


More Info: www.skydivedubai.ae

sky dive dubai

Let's have a Desert Safari.

From the sea, the sky, and into the Dubai desert. What would a trip to the famous Emirate be without a Desert Safari? Very dry, exactly.


Every morning or late afternoon the 4x4's swarm out to pick up guests and take them into the desert for a thrilling ride and stunning journey through the Dubai dunes and making your heart pump a lot faster. This is followed by a great show in a camp in the desert where a lot of food is served and there's great entertainment all night long. It's a really great experience...


  • Get yourself a window seat in the jeep to get the full experience.
  • All drinks and food is free at the camp so eat and drink as much as you can!


For more info: www.platinum-heritage.com - the best desert safari you can get in Dubai!

dubai desert safari

Have a drink at Barasti Bar.

After all the adrenalin you've gone through today, how about chilling at one of Dubai's coolest beach bars? The Barasti Bar is a classic in the city that never sleeps. Everyone knows the place, many love it and almost everybody hangs out there. Skyscrapers in the back, the sea at your feet looking out at the famous Dubai Palm, enjoying a cold drink, can it get any better? Enjoy your last night in good old Duuuuubai....


  • Taxis in Dubai are very cheap, so don't drink and drive.
  • They dress code is casual and the beats are cool.
  • It's your last night so why don't you get hammered?! Enjoy.


More Info: www.barastibeach.com

barasti beach bar dubai

What's your favorite thing to do in Dubai?

I know Dubai has endless possibilities and I've just gathered a few. There is so much more to discover and every day there are new things opening to the public. It's hard to put a perfect list together but I reckon this is a pretty cool program for a 48 hour stay in Dubai.


What do you think, what did you enjoy the most in Dubai, what was your favorite thing to do? Leave your comments in the section below and enlighten me and my readers, thank you so much :)


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