5 Reasons to visit Cuba this year

A changing Cuba!

Recently, one of the most closed and mysterious countries in the world noticed that it is going to open their boarders to foreign visitors. Well, they did have some visitors before, but tourisms in this country weren’t that popular, and it was pretty hard to get in there as well. However, right now Cuba has decided to change their policy on this question and decided to remove all restrictions to invite everyone who wishes to enjoy their cigars, beautiful beaches, and pretty low prices.


Therefore, book cheap hotels right away, search the next coming flight and start packing, because after these five reasons why you must visit Cuba this year, you won’t want to stay at home anymore!

No Crowds of Tourists yet!

Definitely, one of the first reasons we need to talk about is the fact, that Cuba just recently opened their boarders. Hence, there are still not that many of visitors to this island right now. After Obama’s government achieved a real historical event of opening an embassy in the capital city Havana, there is a big chance that there are going to be masses of American tourists here soon.


Therefore, right now, without waiting too long, is the best time to visit Cuba and avoid crowds of annoying tourists. Also, locals are still not that ruined as well, so you might get a chance to get in touch with locals pretty easily too.    

White Sand Beaches of Cuba.

Cuba, as a matter of fact, is a Caribbean country, meaning that this island is full of incredible beaches and warm climate almost all year long. So, accordingly, another reason why you should choose Cuba as your next vacation destination in 2016 is their white and pristine beaches too.


Cuba is home to more than 300 beaches, so here you can find that one beach perfectly suitable for your needs. So no matter if you want to party, have a relaxing time with kids, or just enjoy solitude -- there is a good chance that you can find a beach like that in Cuba.

The Iconic Cars!

We have heard a lot of legends and stories about cars in Cuba, so it is also worth mentioning, that this year is the best time to check them out. Why? Simply because soon many of cars in this islands are going to hit 50 or 60 years age, and it starts to become very impressive how locals manages to keep them going.


Back in 1960 then Fidel Castro began embargo for all American production in the country, time stopped. So naturally right now the whole country, and especially Havana is like a real continually moving car museum you can’t miss. Nobody knows for how long it is going to be like that, and there might be a chance that soon Cubans can start buying new cars!    

Oak aged Rum.

Pirates, Caribbean, and rum are three things hard to imagine apart. Therefore, Cuba, in fact, can offer you a chance to enjoy at least two of these things – Caribbean sun and amazing rum they make. No wonder why – rum, along with their cigars, is one of the most lovable Cuban products popular worldwide.


So if you get a chance to get a glass of rum from its manufacturers hands, you should surely seize that opportunity. Furthermore, The Cuba Libre, The Mojito, and the Daiquiri drinks all originated in here and can be found almost everywhere you go. Where else you can get a chance to get a drink in a place where it all started?

Smaller Villages.

And finally, we firmly recommend stopping by not only at the biggest Cuban cities like Havana or Santiago de Cuba but also take a visit to a few smaller towns as well. The reason behind this is simple – locals there are the most innocent and friendliest one in the whole islands, simply because they don’t see foreigners that much, and tourists at all do not ruin them.


Probably even less than the ones living in the major cities. Stop by at Trinidad and Baracoa villages for the start and have an amazing chat and a cigar of two with locals who are surprising friendly and communicative. This is how you can learn what the real Cuba is. 



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