Hotel Review: Nassauer Hof in Wiesbaden, Germany

My second stop on my trip to Germany with Cathay Pacific was a small city called Wiesbaden in the state of Hesse, the same state Frankfurt is located at. It's one of the very few towns that haven't been intensively bombed during the second world war, therefore a lot of it's original structure remained. It's the capital of the very same state and considered home to the old nobility of Germany.


It's also home to several hot springs and seen as one of the oldest spa towns in Europe. It's a very unique city, very different to Germanys major cities such as Berlin, Munich or Hamburg. It has it's very own, uniqueness to it and makes it a real gem since not many people have it on their radar when visiting Germany. However I'm glad that I paid this beautiful place a visit.

The Dalai Lama, Putin and Kennedy.

I took the train from Dusseldorf to Wiesbaden and because I purchased my ticket a week in advance I travelled First Class for just 29 Euros for the 3 hour scenic train ride along the banks of the Rhine river. It must have been one of the most amazing train rides in a long time. Once I arrived in Wiesbaden, I took the cab to where I am going to stay, Wiesbaden's finest hotel, the Nassauer Hof.


A hotel with more than 200 years of history and one of the most luxurious hotels in Germany. It has hosted guest like the Dalai Lama, the American Presidents Nixon and Kennedy or the Russian counter part Vladimir Putin have all been staying here before.

The best location in Town

The hotel is in fact very German and that makes it so exclusive and unique. It does indeed felt like a little time travel and you could tell that must have been the hang out for the rich and special guests in the past 100 years. The hotel itself is located at the end of Wilhelmstrasse which one of the most exclusive shopping streets in all Germany. Whether you want to buy a new Rolex or perhaps just an Armani bag, there isn't any luxury item you wouldn't find here.


Just across the Nassauer Hof you can find the probably most iconic sight of Wiesbaden, the so called Kurhaus. It used to be a spa house as the name suggest and nowadays it serves the city as a convention centre. It's looks amazing, especially in the night when it appears in all sorts of colors.

A Place with a very special atmosphere!

I made my way to the hotel and upon check in I was welcomed by a friendly team who would assist me with all my needs. My first impression? It all appeared very classy, in a very German way I must say. It was a different atmosphere which was very intriguing. This place really has a special character to it. I loved it.


I went upstairs and the hallway leading to my room was wide and spacious, apparently this is because of the big fluffy dresses woman used to wear back in the days.


Once I reached my suite, the first thing I noticed was the amazing view. I would look right at the 'Kurhaus'. Beautiful! The whole interior of the suite, which would feature a living room, bed room and bathroom was very classy. Water was displayed on the table as well as a little treat made of chocolate and fruits.

All hot spots are around the corner!

I got changed and decided to explore the surroundings a little bit. Besides the Kurhaus, the central market was just around the corner, hosting the annual Christmas Market. Some time in the late summer it is hosting the yearly wine festival which also takes place here. The Rhine-Main region is known for it's great selection of local wines which I also got to try. Quite nice if you are a Riesling fan!


Here is a list of place you should definitely check-out while visiting Wiesbaden:

  • The Kurhaus - as mentioned above.
  • Nerobergbahn - a water ballast funicular railway. It is the last water ballast funicular in Germany apparently.
  • Russian Orthodox Church of Saint Elizabeth on top of Neromountain.
  • Biebrich Palace, which is located down at the Rhine river bank. There is a nice park attached to the castle.

There are also some really nice restaurants (find a list here) and bars in the town. You should try the famous apple wine called "appler" which is very typical for the region.

One of the best Restaurants in town.

Later that night I went back to the hotel hoping to have dinner at the 'Ente' Restaurant which is part of the hotel and widely known in the region as one of the best. The 'Ente', which means duck in German is a Michelin Star awarded fine dining restaurant and therefore my expectations were quite high... and I wouldn't have been let down.


As the name already suggest, you should definitely try the roasted duck. It's mouth watering and super juicy. Honestly, it's been the best duck I have ever tried. Real good stuff. The Ente is also home to a great selection of wine as well as a great team which provides a wonderful service.


The hotel also features a bar, which also serves as a cigar club. If you are a fan of good cigars paired with a whiskey on the rocks, that's the place you should visit. Throughout my entire stay, the staff would always look after me and it felt like a home away from home. 

The Nassauer Hof Spa

On top of the hotel you will find the amazing spa. It has the best view of the town and offers a relaxing atmosphere. The water comes straight from one of the many hot springs you have in Wiesbaden. It's a great place to just lay down and chill while enjoying a great view over the city. Especially during sunset.


You can also find a gym and various treatments are being offered. If you fancy a light snack, the spa also has a little kitchen located near the pool.

A refreshing stay in a historic Hotel with great Staff!

Wiesbaden and especially the Nassauer Hof are worth visiting and I really enjoyed my stay there. The town of Wiesbaden is a great weekend getaway and a place you should really consider to visit while travelling Germany. The hotel itself is unique and the staff is great. They literally go the extra mile to satisfy your needs.


The Ente offers a great menu and mouth watering dishes, something I really enjoyed. Also the spa is an oasis of relaxation. If I would visit Wiesbaden again, which I sure will one day, I'd totally stay at the Nassauer Hof again, no doubt!

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