Canada for Casinos: Among the best in the World

Casino vacations add an extra dimension to going away, for adults of all ages. Thanks to the fact that casinos are typically housed within top class resorts and hotels, you're getting the exact same quality accommodations and facilities as you would elsewhere, but with the added bonus of being able to play in a casino on top! Obviously, Canada is an absolutely stunning country of astounding beauty, so you're bound to enjoy the landscapes and culture you encounter at the same time!

If you've never been on a casino trip before, you won't be alone. Going to a casino need not be treated like a competition - you don't need to play high stakes to have a good time. However, knowing a bit about casino etiquette before you go is advised, as this will maximise your understanding which in turn equals way more fun!


You can do this online these days, and there's lots of help available to make things easier. On, the aim is to enhance your experience by giving you complete guides and tutorials, offering you a variety of selections, and helping you to decide which games and casinos are right for you. This will come in handy when choosing your casino resort, too!

So, Let's look at what's available, shall we?

Stoney Nakoda Resort

"Banff" (CC BY 2.0) by Claude Robillard
"Banff" (CC BY 2.0) by Claude Robillard

Banff is one of those dream destinations, and when you arrive to find yourself in amongst the likes of Lake Louise and The Rocky Mountains, you'll understand why. The hotel itself has a myriad of great facilities for even the most seasoned traveler - which we like to think we are here on - including a pool to splash around in. You won't go hungry - a free breakfast buffet will see to that! The place is very friendly, and you're even allowed to bring your pet. 


Now, down to business. You've done your exploring for the day, so now it's time to head to the casino. You'll get a free scratch lottery ticket to start you off, and freebies extend to Tuesdays, which have special 'double points' offers. Of course, you've on vacation, so it's not all about winning on one of their 250 slot machines; the entire experience matters. Make full use of their full cocktail service in the casino, and then why not use the free shuttle into town afterwards to party the night away?!

Niagara Falls American Falls lit at night

Niagara Falls ranks high on the list of places to visit before you die according to, which should come as a surprise to nobody. As the world's best waterfall, a trip to this casino resort gets you way more than you ever bargained for. Enjoy a delicious dinner at the fancy 21 Club restaurant, overlooking the falls, before retiring to get down to business. 


If you like to go all out on vacation, Fallsview has you covered. In fact, in addition to live shows and other entertainment in the form of their facilities, the resort boasts 200,000 square feet of slots, poker, table games and more. Even the most experienced gambler might feel overwhelmed like a kid in a candy store. It's a lot to feast your eyes on, but it's a lot of fun!

Caesar's Windsor Hotel and Casino

If you're looking to do a shorter trip and you live in one of the USA's Northern states, venturing to Windsor, Ontario to get your fix is a safe option. Separated by just a mile or so from Detroit (which is now actually an up-and- coming city in its own right as we read on, and worth stopping at when passing through), Windsor provides a playground for adults looking for a fun weekend away! 


The hotel has everything. 758 rooms, a 10-square foot atrium setting showing the hottest live music acts, and the Esthetica Spa for both men and women. Its dining options range from top steaks to the quirky Artist Café, filled with bright colored murals and even more art, as the name suggests. You can even get competitive before heading to the casino, by enjoying a meal in their sport’s bar on game night! 


Once you’ve got your game face on, you’ll be greeted by loads of electronic slots and game tables. If you’re feeling brave, you can try out one of their 14 poker tables; shake off those nerves in the hotel room before you go down for a few games of video poker, a variation of poker played on a screen, which is explained on According to them, the virtual real-feel of the game makes it a favorite, and it’ll more than set you up to enjoy it in real life! No matter which casino you choose, remember - the trip is about having fun, and not how much you win. Grab some friends, grab a drink, and don't forget - you earned this time to play!

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