Review: LOT Polish Airlines TERRIBLE 787 Economy Class to Warsaw

I was looking for a good deal from Beijing to Prague and I came across LOT Polish Airlines which is operating their 787 Dreamliner between China's Capital and Warsaw. I wasn't expecting much but I can honestly that this must have been one of my worst flights in 27 years of flying... Continue reading for the full story.

Flight Details:

Flight LOT Polish Airlines LO92

Beijing Capital to Warsaw Chopin, February 2nd

Boeing 787-8 SP-LRG

Duration: 09:10 hours.

Seat: 7J (Economy Class)

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Check-In at Beijing Capital Airport

Everything already started at the Check-In counter where an old Polish dude in a black coat would randomly pick Polish people to have them checked-in at the Business Class desk. It was kinda weird and It didn't make much sense to me. Anyways, I received my boarding pass without hassle and proceeded to the security checks...


Luckily I did an online check-in beforehand so I was able to score a bulkhead seat which is a bit more generous in terms of space. 

Boarding the Dreamliner

This is when things got really weird. At the door 2 cabin attendants were positioned as if they would guard the aircraft, just like soldiers. They gave me that "What do you want?" look instead of just saying "Welcome onboard" in their super scary looking gestapo coats. They literally did that to every passenger. As I continued walking to my seat I passed by 2 more crew members with the exact same impression on their faces. I felt like I was flying to a funeral.


My seat was 7J right behind the Premium Economy Class cabin. The seat has extra legroom, however the tray table and TV are in the arm rest, slightly reducing the seat width. There was also a pillow and a blanket provided. Later the cabin crew would distribute headphones.

The moment when things got really bizarre...

I took my small little GoPro Camera out of my bag to take a few photos of the menu and all of the sudden one of the crew members started to shout at me "Don't do it, just don't do it". I was totally caught by surprise and I didn't know what to say. She walked towards me and shouted once more "Don't take photos or film". She was standing right next to me and I kept on saying that I should put my camera away. This was super scary and in order to save my life, I did say "Alright, chill".


I literally got the attention of the entire cabin. This was a really weird encounter and I have no idea why she would assault me in such a rude manner. She then disappeared to brief the rest of the crew I guess, because the entire 9 hours I was treated like a prisoner by all the other crew members as well.

The food was an absolute nightmare...

I noticed that the woman who assaulted me changed aisle and another one took her place instead, I guess she didn't want to serve me. The new crew member was a little nicer, even though she tried to avoid any eye contact with me. It was super awkward. She wouldn't even ask me what I wanted to eat but just served me the chicken instead.


However, the food was an absolute nightmare. The rice was extremely dry. If they would have served it raw, it wouldn't have made any difference. Also the chicken was not too enjoyable. The bun that was served with the meal was as hard as a stone... Unfortunately I was very hungry so I ate a bit of it. It was the worst food I was served though in years of flying...


If you fancy a snack in between, you can purchase drinks and chocolate bars in between meal services.

Very average entertainment...

The entertainment left a lot to be desired. A total of 50 movies were available, 60% of them were either Chinese, Indian or Polish. One of the few blockbusters offered are Titanic and The Fountain. I ended up watching The Battle Of Sexes with Steve Carell and Emma Stone which was alright.

Second meal service...

A few hours prior landing the second meal service started. Everyone was given a box with an odd-looking sandwich and a yoghurt. Once again the plastic-wrapped sandwich was rather dry and I don't think even Ryanair would serve them to their passengers. It was simply not good...

LOT Polish Airlines 787 Economy Class Bottomline:

What shall I say, I think LOT is the most unwelcoming airline I have ever flown with. In fact I was the happiest person once we disembarked. The crew was extremely rude, passive aggressive and definitely working in the wrong industry. The seat was average and the food dreadful. Also the entertainment left a lot to be desired. I wouldn't recommend anyone to fly LOT and I certainly won't ever try them again.

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Comments: 8
  • #1

    Joy (Saturday, 30 June 2018 10:05)

    Hey Josh,

    Thank you for writing about the Beijing-Warsaw route with LOT. I am actually considering taking this flight in two month because other airlines are more than doubled the price ... I know I shouldn't expect much at all, but I am just wondering if you know about their cancellation issues? Many people seem to have encountered cancellation without previous notice and even with no reimbursement in some extreme cases, do you know more about this?



  • #2

    Ella (Saturday, 30 June 2018 14:10)

    Wow! What a bizzare experience. It's a shame because I usually fly lot and never had any problems. I've found their food quite good especially their chicken breast and potatoes. I guess it depends on which route you take because they have themed food. As for the service, I guess you were extremely unlucky. I always received smiles and helpful service from the cabin crew even before the flight through correspondance over email and facebook which make the flights worthwile. I have stuck with lot for the past ten years and in my opinion they are great budget travel option with fast arrivals. (My long haul flights have always arrived on time or early). I wish you better flights next time!

  • #3

    Bozena (Wednesday, 08 August 2018 12:39)

    Actually, my biggest complains about LOT is not about food (did you try American Airlines!) nor the service. The biggest complain is that they keep canceling their flights without informing passangers about it! They claim as they are encountering problems with their engines but I dont understand why would they keep making new reservations and not wait till the problem resolves. I have a flight scheduled for tomorrow, must be in Poland by Saturday and I am all nervous trying to talk to their rep..been on hold for almost 2 hours with the most annoying music in thebackground

  • #4

    EM (Wednesday, 22 August 2018 13:20)

    "In order to save my life" I think you have some personal issues you need to work on.

  • #5

    Philip Greenwood (Sunday, 02 September 2018 03:55)

    The worst airline in the world. Full stop. The people there are horrid and this airline should be avoided at all costs. They are scum.

  • #6

    Ricardo (Tuesday, 11 September 2018 08:43)

    I would like to file a complaint regarding the above subject which caused us STRESS, INCONVINECE & ADDITIONAL EXPENSES!!!!!!

    Baggage delayed - We reported this immediately to Berlin,Tegel airport on August 18,2018 .Ref # TXLLO 10261.This was not delivered to our Hotel instead , I picked it up from the airport the night before ( August 21, 2018 ) we headed to Prague . Due to this baggage delayed, we bought my wife's clothes, shoes bag and our toiletries for 3 days and 4 nights in Berlin which cost 150 Euros , Taxi to and from Holiday Inn express Alexanderplatz , Berlin / Tegel ,Berlin Airport which cost 70 Euros (35 Euros one way including tip). Long distance telephone call to your office and Tegel Airport made to follow up for the status plus the stress and inconvenience that caused by this.

    Damaged Baggage - We also reported this immediately at Berlin Tegel Airport on August 18,2018 .Ref # TXLLO 10262. The top and side part of the luggage was broken and ripped off .We bought plastic clear wrap so, not to exposed the inside of the luggage which cost 20 Euros . This luggage is Black Swiss Gear standard size check in luggage.I bought this for 200 Canadian Dollar .Because of the damages, this luggage cannot be used in our future trip.

    Flight Cancellation ( 2 times cancelled)-STRESSFULL AND INCONVENIENCE !!!- Our original flight on Sept 02 Budapest to Warsaw, Warsaw to Toronto (LOT airline) was cancelled on August 30 .On August 31 ,your office was rescheduled our flight on Sept 02 Budapest to Vienna ,Vienna to Toronto ( Austrian Airline) . On Sept 02 ,the day of our departure , your office cancelled again our rescheduled flight .This was the very stressful moment because , there was no body to talk with at the Budapest airport regarding our situation no information desk and LOT airline office was close .However , we figured out the situation . We were accepted to fly in KLM Budapest to Amsterdam, Amsterdam to Toronto (with less than an hour transfer time).The bad side of this was , we had already an experience connecting flight to Amsterdam for less than an hour and this was happened again . I chose our original flight from LOT airline because, I like the flight schedule specially the transfer time and transfer airport .I am always avoiding Amsterdam as a transfer airport with less than an hour transfer time because of what we had experienced in our previous trips but, we have no choice . We got tired running from our arrival gate to boarding gate and going though passport control catching up our flight from Amsterdam to Toronto and this was not our planned. We wanted to go home RELAX!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS OUR PLANNED !.

  • #7

    Henry M Campora/Olga V Campora (Thursday, 13 September 2018 15:02)

    August 31 while waiting at the Boarding gate to take a flight they canceled my flight to Sweden they then rescheduled the flight at 5pm that evening being this had happened i missed my connecting flights to get us home on Wow airlines i had to buy another ticket for $1,267.36 iam now trying to get some compensation from them lets see if this happens LOT 453

  • #8

    Terry Poole (Monday, 24 September 2018 16:07)

    I just got back yesterday from a 2-week trip to Krakow. Here's my experience with Lot Airlines. My flight on 10th Sept. to Warsaw from London Heathrow left an hour late as we were stuck on the tarmac due to a technical problem. The connecting flight from Warsaw left 25 mins late due to one of the stewardesses being too ill to join the crew.

    The return flight from Krakow yesterday started boarding 10 mins before it was due to depart at 12:05 pm, then 10 mins later boarding was suspended due to a technical issue, so all the passengers came back to the gate. The plane left about 45 mins late and upon arriving in Warsaw some of the passengers had connecting flights where they had 15-20 mins before that flight departed. There were some very anxious faces on our plane. We then had to clear immigration before we could get to our connecting gates. Why the hell couldn't immigration be dealt with in Krakow?

    My 15:30 flight to Heathrow left 25 mins late and to top it all off my luggage never arrived in Heathrow despite having two and a half hours to get it from one plane to the other in Warsaw. I managed to get my luggage delivered to my address by courier 3 hrs ago after it finally turned up at Heathrow at 09:25 am today.

    This airline has to be one of the worst that I've ever flown with and I will never ever fly with them again. Not even if they give me a free ticket. They are a disgrace to the airline industry.



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