Review: 10 Finnair Facts you should know

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1. Finnair's hub is Helsinki Airport.

finnair a350

Finnair’s hub and main operations base is at Helsinki Airport around 10 miles north of Helsinki in Vantaa, Finland. The airport is Finland’s primary international airport, serving around 90% of international traffic to and from the Nordic country. Additionally, the airport is the 4th busiest Nordic airport behind Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen.


Finnair is the largest carrier at the airport, but Norwegian Air Shuttle and TUI Fly Nordic also maintain bases at Helsinki Airport with service to leisure and holiday destinations as well as central European cities. From Helsinki, Finnair provides service to cities throughout Europe, Asia, North America and the Caribbean.

2. Finnair offers a free stopover in Finland.

Finnair is one of the few European carriers that offer a free stopover program to passengers traveling through Helsinki. According to the airline’s website, the program allows free stopovers ranging from 5 hours to 5 days and provides tips on what to do during your stopover in Helsinki. The airline partners with Finland Tours, a Finnish tour operator, to gives stopover passengers discounts on tours and attractions while they’re in the area. Here is a list with 15 Things you should do in Helsinki!

3. The northern route between Europe and Asia.

finnair a320

One of Finnair’s popular tag-lines in its advertisements is “Fly the Northern Route Between Europe and Asia.” Due to its geographic location in Northern Europe and frequency of flights from many European capitals to numerous cities in Asia, Finnair provides one of the most northern routes for flights between the two continents.


While it doesn’t replace a nonstop flight, transiting through Helsinki is often easy because of the airport’s small size and modernity, as well as the fact that the airport isn’t usually jam packed full of people. For travelers coming from non-Schengen countries, the airport allows airside transfers so you don’t have to go through passport control on your way to a third country.

4. Finnair has an all-Airbus fleet.

In true European fashion, Finnair heavily favors European aircraft manufacturer Airbus over Boeing for its fleet of aircraft. The airline maintains an all-Airbus fleet consists of the Airbus A320 family, Airbus A330-300 and Airbus A350-900XWB. The Airbus A320 family of aircraft is used for the airline’s domestic, intra-European and select routes to Asia under 6 hours.


The A330-300 is used for the airline’s long-haul international flights to North America, with some being deployed on Asian routes, while the A350-900 is currently used primarily for Asia routes, but also on the Helsinki-London route for crew training and certain North American routes.

5. First European Airline to operate the Airbus A350.

finnair a350

Finnair was the first European operator of the A350 after being the first airline in the world to place an order for it in March 2007. At first, the airline ordered 11 of the type, with options for 8 more. The airline began receiving the first of 11 in 2015, making it the first European and Nordic airline to acquire and use the type, and ordered 8 more to be delivered until 2022.


The aircraft primarily fly on routes to Asia but can be seen flying the Helsinki-London route for crew training. Although blue and white on the outside, you’ll often find a colorful interior on Finnair flights and the A350 is no different. In Business Class, you’ll find a 1-2-1 configuration with reverse herringbone seats, unlike the 2-2-1 configuration of its long-haul A330s with a handful of throne seats.

6. Finnair is part of the oneworld alliance.

Finnair is the fifth airline to join the oneworld airline alliance started by American Airlines, British Airways, Iberia and Qantas. The airline joined on September 1, 1999, just 7 months after the alliance was founded. Being apart of oneworld, Finnair passengers can book connecting flights throughout the oneworld network with benefits including Finnair mileage accrual, elite member service and baggage transfers.


In addition to being a part of oneworld, Finnair has codeshare agreements with 25 airlines throughout the world and is part of two joint ventures. The first joint venture is with American Airlines, British Airways and Iberia for transatlantic flights and the second joint venture is with Iberia and Japan Airlines on trans-Siberian flights. The numerous codeshares and joint ventures, as well as membership in oneworld, makes Finnair one of the most connected airlines to fly with.

7. The flag carrier of Finland.

finnair a350

As its name suggests, Finnair is the flag carrier of Finland. As its role as flag carrier, Finnair is charged with acting as the main airline of the country and responsible for brining passengers to from and throughout Finland. Although it only has one main hub in Helsinki, the airline serves 16 smaller Finnish cities throughout the country either on its mainline aircraft or under its regional subsidiary Nordic Regional Airlines.

8. The sixth oldest airline in the world.

Finnair was started in 1923 as Aero O/Y, being renamed to Finnair in 1968. Its achievement of remaining in continuous operation since then makes it the 6th oldest airline in the world to still be operating. The airline comes after KLM, Avianca, Qantas, Aeroflot and Czech Airlines in its spot as number 6. It beat out the next in line, Delta Air Lines, by only 6 months.

9. Finnair is among the safest airlines on earth.

finnair a350

In addition to being one of the oldest airlines in the world, Finnair is also one of the safest airlines in the world. According to JACDEC’s Airline Safety Ranking, Finnair is the sixth safest airline in the world in 2018. The airline’s record of no hull-loss or fatal accidents since 1963 is undoubtedly a contributing factor. Nervous flyers have no reason to fear on a Finnair flight.

10. Finnair's longest flight takes 12 hours and 20 minutes.

Due to its geographic location in the eastern region of Europe, its longest flight isn’t to Asia, but rather the west coast of Mexico. During the winter, Finnair operates a once weekly flight to the warn holiday destination of Puerta Vallarta on Mexico’s Pacific Coast.


The flight takes 12 hours and 20 minutes to cover the 5,586 nautical mile route between Finland and Mexico, with Finnair being the only airline to operate the service.  For the upcoming winter season, Finnair will use its new A350-900XWB on the route.

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