Dental care options in Turkey

Turkey is a great destination for people looking for affordable dental care. You can get both cosmetic and restorative procedures done at clinics which offer specialist care. Orthodontics are important in making sure the teeth are aligned correctly, and is a procedure that is often recommended for children who have crooked or badly aligned teeth. Besides making the teeth and smile look more aesthetically pleasing, it helps improve function and prevents a host of other problems from occurring.

Signs your child needs orthodontics

There are some signs that a child is having problems and that orthodontics may be needed. A child who is having trouble chewing and biting, and whose teeth appear crowded and irregular in arrangement may need work done. Children may also show signs of misaligned teeth and be biting their cheeks or mouth. The recommended age for screening for orthodontics is by age seven. The problem is that if children have crowded misaligned teeth, this will only worsen as they grow older. Crowded teeth are difficult to clean so in terms of good oral health, it will become hard for the teeth and spaces between them to be properly cleaned with brushing and flossing. This makes the chances of dental decay and plaque greatly increased.


The bacteria associated with tooth decay have been linked to many serious health conditions including heart disease, so it is important that teeth be cleaned well. It is therefore very important for overall health that the problem of crowded teeth be fixed. Children can have problems with their bite resulting in various problems such as an overbite or crossed bite. An overbite is usually the most obvious in which the front teeth of the upper jaw project out over the lower jaw front teeth. This makes the front teeth more likely to become broken at some stage.

Orthodontics and dental care in Turkey

Orthodontics most often results in children having to wear braces to make sure that the teeth are placed in the correct alignment and position. There are clinics which offer top quality procedures with excellent dental experts. You can visit to find out about orthodontics and other dental care procedures that are available in Turkey. Technologically advanced dental care is available in Turkey and specialists have the training and experience to provide excellent results.

Other dental care options in Turkey

There are some good cosmetic dental options available. For instance, dental veneers are a good choice and are done to change the shape and size of the front teeth. Veneers are usually made of porcelain and are thin shells that are glued to the outer surface of the front teeth. Dental crowns are commonly used for implants, but also for people who have teeth that are broken.


A dental crown can restore a broken or cracked tooth and help to strengthen a weak tooth and improve the function of the tooth. They are particularly important for front teeth which are of course most visible to people. It can therefore also improve the overall appearance of your teeth and your smile.

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