Fun Facts Related to Some Airport Gaming Facilities across the World

Airports are normally places full of emotional turbulence! You can see loved ones reuniting and departing, first-time travellers excited or fearful of flying and children having a gala time sitting atop their luggage! All such rollercoaster feelings can be further accentuated by indulging in some online/off-line gambling prior to taking the flight. Contrary to what many think, there are indeed some amazing gambling options available at many airports of the world. Even if there is no brick-and-mortar facility at the airport you’re travelling through, you can always play your favourite casino games at a reputed online platform. For instance, Mansion is Brilliant casino to try out the roulette table! Let’s acquaint you with some fun facts associated with some Airport gambling options across the world.

The Nevada Airport Gambling Triangle

If you were asked to guess one destination in the world where airports also ought to have casinos, the instant thought that will come to the mind is that of Nevada, USA. You’re right, Elko, Reno and Las Vegas airports situated respectively in the far north-east, northwest and south of the Nevada State, constitute a well-known Nevada airport gambling triangle! To give you an idea, there are close to 1300 slot machines at the McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas itself. In fact, a California woman hit a big $1.6 million jackpot at one of these slots in 2017! Then the Reno Tahoe International Airport offers slot machines spread over 130 m² area. The Elko regional airport on the other hand has Stockmen’s Casino only 1 km away which offers a comprehensive range of casino table games and slots.

Play tax-free slot machines at the Heathrow airport

It’s not without any reason that United Kingdom is referred to as a gambling haven by many. For instance, you can legally play online casino games in the country and none of your gambling winnings will be taxed. So, in case you’re stuck at Heathrow, waiting for your flight, an excellent option is to play some conventional table games!


The airport also has a large number of slot machines in the freestanding cabinets, throughout its busy concourse. Hence, fans of casino games can indulge non-stop in all these options. What more, if things go as planned, you might soon be able to enjoy gaming in the sky too!

Patriotic Flag at Schiphol’s Holland Casino

If you’re visiting Amsterdam on a holiday or are just there on a stopover, don’t forget to take a glance at the Netherland’s flag in the Schiphol airport’s in-house Holland Casino! The airport is counted amongst the busiest in the world and it derives its name from the province that Amsterdam is the capital of. In this casino, you will find all kinds of conventional table games such as punto banco, poker, bingo, roulette etc. as well as a wide range of slot machines.

Gambling history on display at San Francisco International Airport

San Francisco stayed quite isolated from the civilised part of America until the first transcontinental railway of the USA came into being in 1869. This wild frontier city once used to be a gambler magnet, with its saloons and cigar stores housing over 3000 slot machines. Today, even though the San Francisco International Airport doesn’t house a physical casino, the SFO Museum inside it does give you a glimpse into its gambling history. You can see an amazing exhibit of vintage gambling and mechanical slot machines created from glass, brass and wood, in this museum.

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