Getting a refund when your vacation is cancelled

Unfortunately, travel disruptions are a fact of life. If you are lucky, the delay will be a short one and your holiday will still go ahead. But, if you are not, it could be cancelled completely. Should that happen, the best outcome you could hope for is that you will get a full refund. But, to be able to get all of your money back, you need to take the right steps. This infographic tells you a lot of what you need to know and you can find out more by clicking the link.


As you can see, how you book plays a significant role in how easy it is to get your money back should an airline go bust or other issues lead to your flights being cancelled. So, every traveler should be aware of the different refund avenues that are available in their country and the ones they are travelling to.


Having this knowledge will help you to book in a way that means you can get a refund from one of several travel assurance schemes. It is also important to know how to buy the right type of travel insurance. Some companies offer policies that include comprehensive cancellation coverage, others do not. Or, if they do, the excess payments are so high, that you still end up footing the bill for most of the costs. Being aware of the different ways you could get your money back, will help you to book using the right providers. That way you will be able to re-book and still enjoy a vacation.

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