The Amazing Unknown Places on Earth That Are Worth Visiting

Figures from Sentient show that 65% of the earth is unexplored. The world is full of unknown beautiful places that are off the radar because most of us are busy sightseeing the more popular and familiar sites. Exploring new places can be a very satisfying endeavour; and you will get an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the world. It is also a way to test your knowledge about curiosities from different countries around the world. Some of these unknown gems include:

Kamchatka, Russia

The vastness of Russia makes it difficult for backpackers to explore it thoroughly. The country that offers tsars and vodka plus authentic culture is also home to the volcanic Kamchatka Peninsula that is located far East. The location is magnificent and contains trekking routes that bypass beautiful national parks.


It is a place of rushing waters, snow-capped peaks, and hot springs.

Kamchatka is also home to the largest active volcano Klyuchevskaya Sopka that is located in the northern hemisphere. However, before making your way to Kamchatka, you should know that there are no hostels yet, so make a point of heading to the neighboring towns of Vladivostok and Khabarovsk for accommodation.


The small pacific country is made up of over 170 islands with natural beauty. Tonga is one of the few locations on earth where you can swim with humpback whales. Tonga has all it takes to satisfy adventurous individuals. The abundance of marine life, national parks, deserted islands, caves, ancient lava tubes, rugged cliff faces, and authentic villages make the country unique. The tropical climate is also very conducive all year-round; therefore, enjoy sea kayaking, fishing expedition, or swim with the turtles and whales. You can also have fun while relaxing on the beach.

Christmas Island, Australia

The fact that the annual tourism figures of this place do not break five figures makes it a paradise waiting to be discovered. The Island is home to 50 million red crabs, and their spectacular annual migration is a remarkable sight. The Island also hosts more endemic crabs, whale sharks, manta rays, bird species, dolphins and hundreds of fish species.


The impressive rain forest, beautiful landscapes, fantastic coral, marine life, and friendly locals make Christmas Island worth visiting; you will create memories of an unforgettable adventure. Walkthrough the Island's national park, beautiful beaches, and explore the hidden caves.

Dominica Island (Nature Isle of The Caribbean)

Nature isle of the Caribbean is a perfect destination for lovers of nature and the lush green. The Island is covered with unspoiled beauty that includes the tropical rainforests, the emerald pool waterfall, and the Champaign reef. The Morne Trois Piton National Park and its boiling Lake are also located on the Island. Dominica has a hiking trail that goes all the way across the Island. The 114-mile hiking trail guides you through most of the Island’s impressive landscapes.


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