How to Make Money when Travelling on a Shoe-string

The fact that you are on a shoestring budget doesn’t deny you the chance of traveling the world and having the time of your life. Moreover, you can easily make money while traveling. It is a lot of fun to travel this way.

Yes, you can travel like this, but there are ways to lighten the load

You get the opportunity to try stuff you would ordinarily never attempt with a loaded wallet. On top of that, you are then able to go on more adventures. The idea behind it all is to work. Yes, you can work while traveling. 


It’s possible to find short-term or temporary jobs to do for just enough pay. However, you have to be resourceful and wear your creative hat to hack this. As you will see below, you have more options for making money while traveling on a tight budget.

House Sitting

Essentially, the goal is to offer to watch over the house of somebody who is not around. In this case, you may be paid for providing this service. Even if the owner doesn’t pay you, house sitting would still offer free accommodation that allows you to save money while sightseeing.


Typically, your job would entail: 


- looking after the property

- ensuring the house is safe

- cleaning the property

- tending the garden

- looking after the animals (pets)


To benefit extensively from this arrangement, you need to sign a contract with the owner. The contract should spell your responsibilities and pay. It should also indicate whether you’re entitled to free meals, and use of the owner’s car while he is away.

Working for Service Industry Firms

Alternatively, apply for work with firms operating in the service industry. This way, you would be able to meet new people, interact with different cultures, and try amazing local delicacies. If you love this idea, then the following jobs should be worth applying for wherever you travel: 


- bartending

- waitressing

- hotel work

- cleaning work

- driving

- working at the casino, where you can take advantage of free spin offers at no deposit casinos, chances are you could make $100. They can also pay you out in Bitcoins.

Writing, Shooting Photos/Videos, and Filmmaking

Additionally, you have the option of traveling for the sole purpose of writing about your experiences, or taking photos and videos. You could then sell the articles, photos, or videos to earn some extra cash that you augment the shoestring budget with thus being financially able.

Online Freelancing

Similarly, you should consider working as an online freelancer. The fact that freelancers only need a laptop or mobile device and stable Internet connection to work should make this idea seem more than feasible to you. Embrace it to start making money while traveling on a budget.

Join World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF)

Are you aware that it’s possible to volunteer to work on a farm for a few benefits? Now, before volunteering for this, you should first evaluate if being a WWOOFer appeals to you. Mostly, you will not be paid in cash. However, the farmer caters for your food and accommodation.

Sharing Your Experiences on Instagram

Social media has opened a whole world of opportunities that you can grasp and take advantage of to make money. For starters, you could capture your expeditions on camera and post them all on Instagram. If you have more followers, some brands could pay you to promote them.

Finding Students to Teach

Wherever you travel, it would please you to note that the demand for teachers never diminishes for whatever reason. Therefore, consider volunteering to teach. For example, you could offer to teach English – or any other foreign language – in a place where it’s not spoken. 


To do this, you would need TEFL certification, though. With it, you could look for short-term or long-term teaching opportunities in whichever city or country you travel to. What is more, you would travel to different destinations and gain incredible teaching experience.

Working as an Au Pair

Nobody would deny you the chance of traveling and working in any country of your choice as an au pair. All that you are required to do is to look after children. In return, you are paid a salary, food, and accommodation. Au pair enjoy several benefits that include: 


- receiving a weekly stipend from the host family

- accommodation from the host family

- paid vacation

- educational allowance in case you want to pursue further studies

- insurance against sickness and accidents

- a chance to learn a foreign language

- traveling and exploring different places

- growing more independent

- making new friends

- learning new cultures

- gaining international work experience


Based on these moneymaking opportunities, you should never dread the idea of traveling on a shoestring budget. You have as many options as you can imagine, but only if you are ready for the experience and a bit of adventure.

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