6 Amazing University Campuses You Need to Visit

Obviously, you do not choose a college for its looks, but if the place where you plan to spend most of your time for the next four (or more) years is awesome, that's incredible.


After all, your campus is your home away from home you grew up in, so picking one that is great and well-rated is a surefire way to have a good time. There are many different beautiful campuses, but we have compiled for you a selection of those that will impress you from amazing natural landscapes to breathtaking architectural masterpieces. Read on to find out where to find them.

1. Harvard University, USA

You will live with your classmates at or near Harvard. The courtyard is home to newly renovated classrooms, dormitories, which are primarily protected by ancient trees, and the magnificent Widener Library. You will eat with friends at the Annenberg Hall, a dining room specifically designed for beginners. There is every chance to make new friends and share interesting conversations with classmates and friends from all over the world.


This is to ensure that your first year is an exciting transition to the Harvard Community. Harvard University Campus is not only a picturesque place but also the oldest temple of knowledge in which you can count on high-quality education. Studying at Harvard is quite interesting as it uses the latest approaches to education. However, you should be prepared for high workloads, as your academic success plays a huge role at Harvard. So, if you face difficulties in your studies, without wasting time, contact the college essay writers for help.

2. Oxford University, UK

The ancient walls of Oxford saw their first understudies back in the eleventh century, from that point forward its fame has just expanded. This old college in Great Britain is additionally celebrated everywhere on over the world for the astonishing design of instructive structures that were made all through the whole time of presence and ingested the best styles and patterns of various periods. 


As you most likely are aware, the University of Oxford is viewed as a little state, which incorporates 38 open schools and 6 private ones (Permanent Private Hall), established by Protestant and Catholic associations. In addition, the most intriguing thing is that the college doesn't have the standard division into faculties, its understudies are allowed to pick where it is all the more fascinating for them to study, with no transitions and passing the academic difference.

3. Harbin Polytechnic University, China

The university has a huge park-like campus. The campus is very cozy, it is noted by everyone who has visited it. All conditions have been created there in order to concentrate on study and not be distracted by everyday issues. On-campus there are hostels, educational buildings, laboratories, libraries, canteens, stadiums, sports grounds, shops. If desired, students can not leave the campus for weeks - everything you need is inside.


Foreign students live here in rooms for 1-2 people. They usually have the Internet and all the necessary furniture. Chinese students live separately from foreigners.

4. University of Coimbra, Portugal

It was founded in 1290. The center of the university campus is the white building of the Royal Palace of Alcáçova, crowned with a clock tower. This is one of the most recognizable symbols of the educational institution. In addition, its buildings include the Cathedral of Santa Cruz, the Joanine Library, and the Chapel of San Miguel.

5. University of Cape Town, South Africa

The Cape Town area is one of the most beautiful in South Africa. During the sessions, you can visit different beaches every day. In addition, the quality of education provided here is no different from European and American universities. And speaking of the advantages, in comparison with European and American universities, this university will cost you several times cheaper.

6. Seoul National University of Science and Technology

In the center of the university campus, there is a cozy place - a pond with a fountain, wooden bridges, water lilies, and fish. In the evening, beautiful lighting of the pond. Pine trees grow throughout the campus. The buildings of the hostel are located here on the territory of the university, it is very clean and quiet around. Please note that the lights are solar-powered. This is a great time for both study and relaxation.

Summing up

Choosing a university you want it to be pleasant, beautiful, and have a large territory. Actually, a lot of universities match with such features, you just have to look for them. But of course, you may not want to spend your time in search of such perfect universities, so we have listed the best universities for you that meet these criteria. You just have to choose one of them and apply for admission!

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