Social Justice Issues In The United States

Social justice issues in the United States have been an ongoing problem faced by social workers and average Americans. The numerous unjust actions found in our society today has left millions feeling left out, incapable of defending their rights, and pushed to the limits. In today's America, especially, it has become the norm to treat equals unequally and the unequal equally.

Issues like racism, gender discrimination, ageism, and religious discrimination sprout up across the nation daily. There are truly so many people can take before they are pushed beyond their limits and commit a crime in the process. Racial injustice, in particular, has the most recorded events of social injustice. The BLM protests are clear indications of that fact. Let's look through these few social injustices Americans face today.


The idea of racial inequality we believe can be dated back to the times of the founding American fathers. It didn't just make sense that persons of color could be considered equals to a white man during those times. Over the years, racial injustice has evolved in the minds of native Americans and caused several movements against racial equality.


Since the freedom of speech and the right to protest are part of the American people's civil rights, the blacks have refused oppression any longer. With the Black Lives Matter movement coming in strongly in the first quarter of 2020, their voices made an impact globally. We had numerous black lives matter protests across the country in various states and cities. 


The BLM movement did not only raise questions in the policing and general governance of the United States; it also caused a change in business owners' decisions. Private organizations started implementing policies that support justice equality among the staff of all races. Also, multiple companies, football clubs, and manufacturers donated to BLM protests.

Religious Discrimination

The topic of religious inequality, nepotism, and preference over others in America has always been an issue from way back. Today, people find it easier to categorize their fellow humans in terms of religion other than the basis of humanity. For years, Muslims have faced discrimination at its peak in America.


From being stereotyped in public places to being judged by their mode of dressing and the worst of it all; the Arabic language. Muslims have faced discrimination, particularly in the hands of the government, for centuries. Their communities and areas of worship are sometimes not treated with as much importance as a Buddha shrine or average church.


When a Muslim child grows around such profound religious discrimination in a country meant to portray equality for all, the United States is in jeopardy. Eradicating religious inequality as a social justice problem in America would cause a significant turnaround in our cohabitation as humans.


When young individuals voice out about ageism as Americans today, they fail to realize that it's not because the elders in power hate them. Ideally, they are considered minorities, too social and lack the experience to be involved in the country's affairs. This is why they suppress their voices and shun their ideas even before they are born.


However, time after time, the young have proven themselves to be assets to the United States' growth and economy. Young individuals often come up with innovative ideas and initiatives that correct years and decades of non-functional systems. Only when the social justice issues of ageism are eradicated would America fully explore its potential. 


Youths and young teenagers shouldn't be overruled as being naive because of their ages. Rather, they should be judged and screened based on what they bring to the table. If, after given an audience, such individuals still fail to offer viable solutions to a problem, they should be ruled out. The issue of age discrimination is causing several states to be decades behind in innovation and economic growth.


In as much as we love to believe America is a country that supports gender equality, millions of women face gender discrimination daily. Our social issues in the US most times prevent us from defending ourselves as citizens of these nations. Women who face gender discrimination have been left with no choice but to quick their jobs, lose their careers, and not given so much importance.

Supportive bodies like the women's suffrage movement have empowered women to know and defend their rights in all situations. The exposure from these movements has fueled suffragism and feminism among women today. Women who have been pushed against the wall several times now know to fight back and get justice for what belongs to them in the community and careers.


Genderism is one of the major social injustice issues in the US today and should be considered a threat to the nation's development. When women are treated as equals and allowed managerial positions in their careers, this encourages others to stay motivated. In a country where we have male to female politicians' ratio far apart, women aren't encouraged to take political offices. We believe this can be rectified with one voice for social gender equality.


Thanks to modern social society and the 'New America' ideology ongoing for years now, we can beat these injustices together. The above shortcomings are now being eliminated one at a time to ensure we have the America of our dreams. Together, we can rid the country of toxic ideologies that have hurt the citizens over time. Join the movement in ensuring justice in the above areas today!

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