Tips and Tricks You Can Use in Any Airport

Let’s face it: airports can be a stressful, expensive, and confusing place. Even frequent travellers like me get in the thick of anxiety when things don’t go as planned, such as unexpected delays and forgetting the little things like leaving my phone charger at home. 


However, with some experience and research, I’ve found the solutions to problems people normally find themselves in at airports. In this article, I’ll be sharing some tips and tricks you can apply in any airport so that you can go through a completely stress-free journey even before you get through the departure or arrival gates.

Don’t waste your free time!

Airports can be hectic, but once you’ve passed the security checkpoint, you tend to find yourself under a lot of peace (unless you’re late for your flight, of course). A lot of people  kill time by watching movies, scrolling through instagram, or even answering work emails. 


I prefer finalizing my tentative for the trip during those hours. The holiday mood that comes with sitting at the boarding gate allows me to visualize how my days will go, and I’ve managed to squeeze in a lot of unforgettable adventures during these last minute tweaks. 


There’s a lot of reputable websites that highlight the best tourist attractions in your destination. For example, if you’re heading to the Windy City of Chicago, you may want to click here for a bunch of cool activities to do with friends and family.

Getting Good, Safe Wifi

Airports like to boast about their wifi connectivity. But sometimes, the most common areas end up having the lousiest connections. If this happens to be the case for you and you really need the wifi, here are some of the places where wifi should work:


- Waiting rooms

- Lounge rooms (you don’t have to enter, but with some politeness the front staff may be more than happy to give you the password)

- Duty-free zones

- Cafes


I like to stay on the safe side of things and use a VPN when I’m connected to the airport wifi. But what you should  completely avoid or is the  “Free Public Wifi” networks. These may be set up by scammers who would want to steal data from naive users.

Bring your own bottle

I’ve never been to an airport that didn’t have a water dispenser. Remember to bring a small water bottle from home so you can avoid buying marked up bottled water at the airport. Collapsible water bottles work best because when they are not in use, you can keep them in your bag and don’t have to worry about lugging it around!

If you forget your charger, don’t panic

It’s surprisingly normal for people to forget about their chargers. If you’re in this situation, I don’t recommend buying a new one from the store. As usual, they would mark it up to a ridiculous price since passengers have no choice but to fork up the money to get what they need.

Here’s a pro tip: go to the lost and found section of the airport. Sometimes, the staff there would be happy to give you a charger if no one has claimed it after a few months. Different airports may have different policies, but it’s definitely worth asking instead of paying for something that you already have at home.

Flight delayed? Know your rights!

Flight delays are a nuisance. As a paying passenger, don’t be hesitant to ask what you’re entitled to should this happen. Different airlines have different compensation policies when it comes to delays, and in some instances you may be entitled for a refund.


Generally, what you’re compensated with depends on the length of the delay and the reason behind it. They can range from covering your meals to paying for a night’s hotel stay at the airport. Again, politeness goes a long way in the airport.

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