Ranking Australia's Best Casino Resorts

What Are the Best Resort-Casinos in Australia?

Australia is one of the most beautiful countries on the planet. There is so much to do in this majestic land, and it offers fantastic accommodations no matter what you may be looking for. Whether you want to stay in a seaside villa, enjoy time in the mountains or out in the bush, or visit one of the bustling metropolises, you can find spectacular places no matter where you go in Australia.

Australia Is a Land of Wonders

Australia is one of the most beautiful countries you could ever visit. There is so much to love about this land down under, especially considering the fact that much of it has been left unscarred by man-made innovation. There are clearly some huge metropolitan areas, but Australia has a lot of land where very few people have ever crossed. It is a place where you can enjoy nature in its most natural state.


It is not just the interior of Australia that is spectacular either. Remember that Australia is surrounded by water, which means that you can have a great time out on the ocean, snorkeling, fishing, or simply laying out on the beach. Plus, the best part is that you can do these things anywhere around Australia. After all, the entire island is surrounded by water.


You may also want to enjoy the fantastic adult nightlife that is available in Australia. There are great bars and nightclubs, fantastic places to meet people, and then there are great land-based Australian casinos as well. You may want to try to experience Australia to its fullest, and do not want to be locked into playing at a land-based casino. Thus, heading out to the ocean or to the outback yet still being able to play your favorite casino style games is a must.

Unfortunately, online casinos in Australia are illegal. Some of the surrounding countries allow for online casinos to operate, and those are available within Australia as well. As mentioned here, online casinos in Australia may be illegal, but the local land-based establishments have long been all the rage. You can enjoy some of the best casino style action you will ever find anywhere in the world, as these land-based facilities are truly spectacular.


Truly, Australia has an immeasurable number of things to do. Whether you love to enjoy the water, the beaches, the great sports, traditional culture, the great big cities, or the great outdoors, you will find just about anything you want in Australia. For those that are visiting Australia by plane from other great destinations, read some airplane reviews and find things to do on your way to Australia.

Stay and Play

When visiting Australia, you may want to take advantage of the full experience. What we mean is that you want to be able to play your favorite casino style games, while also enjoying fantastic accommodations and be able to get out and enjoy the surrounding area. What you are looking for is a great resort-casino where you can say. Fortunately, Australia has a number of them, and here are the top five casinos in Australia you may want to consider when deciding to make a trip down under.

no 1. Treasury Casino & Hotel

We love this hotel/casino, one of the best Australian casino resorts, for several reasons. It starts with the fact that this is a five-star hotel like none you are going to find. It is beautifully designed and has spectacular accommodations. Plus, it is located in the heart of Brisbane, giving you the ability to go out and take in the wonders of one of Australia’s most spectacular cities.

Inside the hotel are six restaurants, five bars, and what seems like nonstop excitement at the casino. There are 80 tables available for players to play such games as:

  • Poker
  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • 1300 poker and slot machines

They have gone the extra mile with this facility, as they have undergone a $57 million renovation and repurchasing, not only helping it to maintain its historic assets, but also making upgrades that make this hotel one of the best you are going to find. Not a bad room in the joint, so you will have a great time here.

No 2. Jupiter’s Hotel and Casino

Queensland is one of the best locations for land-based casinos, and this is one of the best you are going to find. The Jupiter Hotel is connected directly to the casino and is a spectacular destination resort.


Located along the Gold Coast, you can find fantastic outdoor activities and enjoy the sun like you have never experienced before. Plus, the dining and bars that are available will supply you with amazing cuisine and a great place to cost back a pint or meet people from across the globe. The rooms are spectacular, and the services are great.


The QLD casino is great as well. Not only can you enjoy just about any table game or slot machines you like to play, but the casino provides a very comfortable and elegant atmosphere. It is only fitting of the overall experience of staying at Jupiter.

No 3. Crown Sydney

You are going to see the Crown name here again, but this is the first of a set of spectacular facilities located in Australia. The Crown Sydney is a fantastically designed structure that has:

  • Unbelievable accommodations inside
  • Spectacular restaurants
  • Great cuisine
  • Luxury shops
  • Beautiful & cosy rooms

You are going to love your stay here no matter whether it is for one day or for a week. It is the height of luxury and the staff caters to the needs of guests like no other.


If you want to enjoy fantastic gaming, you are going to have that available to you. There are dozens of table games available, plus hundreds of slot machines where you can play. It offers bars and areas where you can watch games and bet on contests as well. You will have a lot of fun at the Crown Sydney, and it is located near the famous Sydney Opera House, so you may want to get in the show while you are there.

No 4. Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex

This is a great facility located in Melbourne, one of Australia’s greatest cities and it is the number one tourist attraction. Over 10.9 million tourists come to Melbourne each year, so you know there are a lot of great things to do when visiting the city.


This complex is one of the most spectacular you are going to encounter. Not only is the Crown Towers a spectacular place to stay, but there is an entertainment center located with it, so you can take in shows, enjoy concerts and other types of theatrics all while staying at the hotel.


In this, one of the best casino resorts in Australia, they have over 80 different table games available, and there are 1300 slot and poker machines that you can take advantage of. We should also mention that there are two five-star restaurants, both of which were started by world-famous chef Gordon Ramsay. So, you know you are going to have the best of cuisine while you stay here.


There is easy access into Melbourne, and you can enjoy many of the best features of the city quite easily, as most are located within walking distance. Plus, there is great public transportation as well as other forms of transportation available. It is a stay you will not forget.

No 5. Country Club Casino

This is a personal favorite among those who love to come to Australia. There are a number of reasons to enjoy this as this is one of the best casino resorts in Australia, maybe in all of the world.


Beginning with the fact that it is located in Tasmania, you know you are going to have a great experience. There is a lot to do in the surrounding area, and this resort-casino gives you the opportunity to experience many of the natural wonders of Australia, while also being able to take in great metropolitan activities.


The casino is located in the beautiful Tamar Valley, and has two different accommodations available to you. Either you can stay in the Country Club resort, or in one of the Country Club villas. Either way, you have complete access to the casino, and can enjoy your time there to its fullest.


They offer all of the important technological innovations, such as high-speed Wi-Fi, a great swimming pool, even a golf course. There are one-, two-, and three-bedroom suites, and you are able to use the tennis court, fitness center, spa, and swimming pool year-round. No matter what the conditions are outside, you can enjoy your time at this resort to its fullest.


Of course, part of the reason why you wanted to come here was because this is one of the best Australian casino sites offering spectacular accommodations. You can be sure that you are going to get just that, as there are dozens of table games and hundreds of slot machines available to you. You will have the time of your life at this facility.

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