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Josh Cahill BBC Journalist in Kabul

I Love Flying as much as you Do!

You made it to the 'About Me'-Section...Wow. Alright, my name is Josh, I'm originally from Germany but I have been travelling the world for the past 15 years. My life of travels started when I hitchhiked from Berlin to Tehran, what a great journey that was. I later travelled around the Middle East, lived in the UK, Dubai, Australia and China. I crossed Afghanistan in a Toyota Corolla and joined the Arab Spring in Egypt.


But flying became my biggest passion over the past few years and I could spend hours and hours at an airport. I share my reviews here on my blog and especially on YouTube. Sharing my experience with Millions of other Frequent Fliers puts the biggest smile on my face. I have won a few awards over the past years and I can't wait what the future has in store for me. My biggest dream? To fly on a MD-11, my favorite plane, which I have never flown. Maybe dreams come true one day.

Follow my Journey!

...and who are you?

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    Donald B. (Sunday, 19 August 2018 11:39)

    Traveling for 25 years now, but still have found useful tips on your website. How did I not know about Blacklane until now? In September, I go to Slovenia, which will be the 100th country I have been to. A couple of useful sites I like, are (you've probably seen this) and also, a very useful guide to you overnight airport stays including long layover tours, airport hotels, and just where to crash at an airport. Good luck in your future travels.



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