This is my Story...What is yours?

I went all in and it paid off...

Hello there... my name is Josh. I was born in a 'Land Down Under' and grew up in Germany as part of a refugee family. I always had an obsession with flying and in 1991 I took my very first flight on a LTU Lockheed L-1011 TriStar from Dusseldorf to Ibiza. After dropping out of school, I started to CouchSurf around the world, hitchhiked to Iran and spent some time to road trip in Afghanistan.


After living in the UK and Dubai, I moved back to Australia. In 2018 I decided to quite my job in Beijing, China after 3 years to start a travel channel on YouTube. By that time I only had 3,000 subscribers. I took the risk and spent most of my savings on flights around the world, hoping to grow my channel. It paid off.


I reached over 20 Million viewers on YouTube and gained 110,000 subscribers. I was named 'Best Airline Blogger/YouTuber' at the TBCasia 2018 and included in the list of the 'World's most Influential Airline Bloggers. A journey I still enjoy until today..


My dream is to fly on a Lufthansa MD-11 Freighter on their Jump Seat to any destination around the world. It's my favorite plane and since there is no passenger MD-11 left anymore and since I never got the chance to fly this type, I hope that this dream comes true one day...

Follow my Journey!

...and who are you?

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    Jon Stotz (Sunday, 13 October 2019 07:27)

    Great aviation videos, it is admiring that you are always motivated even when the airport facilities are not optimal like in your Biman Bangladesh video at Dhaka Airport. Was surprised to know you are German too.

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    Jun (Friday, 04 October 2019 20:58)

    Thanks for producing useful content to the public

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    Joshua Moss (Thursday, 26 September 2019 07:50)

    Hi Josh! I love what you do, you have really inspired me! You always seem to positive and your passion on aviation shines brightly through in your videos. I really hope to bump into you one day, as travel is an amazing thing , and getting to the destination is just as amazing!
    Your ambitions on what airlines you want to travel on are so
    Cool to! I love watching your ‘obscure airline’ videos, and I love it even more when it’s a positive review!! I Hope to see you fly Air Madagascar and Air Senegal, I highly doubt you won’t miss them!


    Josh (yes, that’s my name too!!)

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    Cheryl G. Bustamante (Sunday, 22 September 2019 07:47)

    great blog!

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    Lynda (Saturday, 21 September 2019 10:16)

    Would love to know more about your background story Josh!

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    Your Reviews (Wednesday, 18 September 2019 11:11)

    Your reviews started off as great, but of late, all I hear is complaints, MAS was horrible, agreed. But in China, it seem you were the one at fault. I mean quit complaining in every video. There are other bloggers who tactfully highlight negative elements (unlike you).

    Try going back to how you were at the beginning please!

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    Edward Miller (Saturday, 14 September 2019 10:08)

    I enjoy watching the reviews.

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    Muhammad Faizan Ali (Tuesday, 10 September 2019 05:04)

    This is Faizan from Faisalabad, Pakistan. Your new subscriber. An aviation enthusiast. But never been on an airplane. Don't have that much money :p
    your channel is just✔✔✔

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    Brett Kear (Sunday, 08 September 2019 18:39)

    Love your videos.. Thanks

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    Chris (Sunday, 08 September 2019 05:25)

    Hi Josh!
    Writing this in English now instead German. I've been following you since over 2 years, and every report has been really great. Informative, relaxed, entertaining and pretty real - that's most important!
    I've been the biggest aviation fan since childhood and even been filming flights since ever - but always just for myself. Just now started doing it a little on YouTube too. But you're a great inspiration - just as you said in your interview when you reached your 30000, how other filmers were an inspiration to you!
    Just sending these congrats and can't wait for the next decade of your movies to come!
    Cheers from Germany!

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    Vincent (Tuesday, 03 September 2019 15:39)

    I love your passion for travel.

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    Chip Wilkison (Sunday, 01 September 2019 09:04)

    Love these videos!! Helps me when planning a trip!

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    IIrene Hernandez (Sunday, 11 August 2019 12:30)

    I enjoy travel when I can afford it.

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    Abe (Thursday, 01 August 2019 11:58)

    What’s with your interesting accent? Is that German mixed with Australian? What is your native tongue? For the longest time I thought you were Dutch.

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    Paul Rios (Saturday, 29 June 2019 03:50)

    Do you have an email address? I am not on Twitter or Snap Chat nor any social media as I am IT Consulting myself.

    Paul net

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    Nicholas Kennedy (Wednesday, 19 June 2019 00:50)

    Hi Josh,

    Firstly, thanks so much for your amazing reviews! I'm a bit of a (commercial) aviation nerd myself and travel quite a bit, so I really appreciate what you do.

    A bit of an unusual question. Like any traveller, I'm no great fan of turbulence, especially when I'm trying to sleep! But I've noticed - and it might just be my experience on the days I travelled - that my flights on some airlines are generally smoother than on others. EG on the Sydney-Hong Kong route, the Qantas A330 flights tend to seem smoother than the Cathay A330s. I'm wondering if it's to do with a difference in the company's "standard" approach to flying - i.e. whether the airline prioritises on-time performance (even if it means flying through bad weather) or the best possible ride (even if it means deviating from the normal route and adding flight time). Is this your experience too? If so, what airlines have you generally had the best rides on?

    Thanks in advance!

    Very best wishes,

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    Mick (Tuesday, 18 June 2019 01:17)

    Josh, you’re a cute guy with good trip reviews. Love your accent, too! ❤️

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    Jon Bell (Monday, 27 May 2019 07:00)

    Josh: I must admit being absolutely intrigued by your endless , and very thorough reviews! I was just wondering if you have any tips for someone who would like to do the same? i am a former flight attendant for Delta, have travelled nearly everywhere, and feel it would be the ideal thing for me since I already held a quality service review position for a time! Of course if you are ever looking for anyone, I would be most interested? Thank you for your time, and keep the reviews coming! Cheers,
    Jon Bell
    Los Angeles

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    Ignacio (Wednesday, 22 May 2019 16:52)

    Hey there!
    Great channel in YouTube, just recently watched your 787-8 Air Tanzania flight.
    My first flight was in 1990 with Austrian Airlines from Barcelona to Wien. Since then my passion for aviation and travels has been rapidly increasing year to year. I’m a Lufthansa FTL and my favorite airline is Swiss. Do you have any tip/ recommendation for visiting in my next aventure? Thanks in advance and see you hopefully up there!

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    Aman singh (Friday, 17 May 2019 20:10)

    I love the videos you make,,,
    just one Q... which camera do you use?
    it's vedio Quality is v nice + it's very compactible

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    khalil (Friday, 10 May 2019 08:35)

    Hi Josh

    I love your travel vlogs. Can you email a list of all the travel bloggers conferences . i would like to attend

    If you come to South africa please call me. I would like to host you



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    Brad V (Wednesday, 08 May 2019 11:10)

    Hey Josh! We have a common love, the MD-11! I was born in Germany and my father worked in the UK, but our home was in Atlanta, GA, which meant Delta. We always took an MD-11 from ATL to Gatwick (because Heathrow was and still is a crazy place to be). It's a shame they retired those planes because they were fantastic! Idea for future videos, with my last job I spent 10 years in Alaska, you should do a video on Alaska Air. They are an incredible company with a very specific focus on customer service. Try the milk run from to Anchorage from Seattle, you'll see: Ketchikan, Wrangell, Petersburg, Juneau, and Anchorage all on one itinerary. From an aviation standpoint, they have some of the best pilots in the business because some of those flights have challenging terrain and weather. Hope this finds you doing well - and try to not upset the Chinese anymore ;-)

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    Annette (Friday, 26 April 2019 01:17)

    Enjoyed your video on the 3 Chinese airlines, most informative

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    K_Randi. (Saturday, 23 March 2019 00:06)

    I have watched your Sri lankan air line vlog. it's perfect. but in my opinion you may don't know inside of our ariline service. it will go down near future, because of some financial error inside of this company and also government financial issue. but i'm not wish like so.if you can promote our airline again near future, it will be very comfortable to us as a country. thanks dear.

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    BunkeredGaming (Sunday, 10 March 2019 18:01)

    I am a kid still, but am in love with planes! I have a YouTube channel where I make videos on video games, and I have only 10 subscribers. My channel name is BY103 4/7/18.

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    Dirk Zeu (Thursday, 31 January 2019 17:14)

    Hey Josh,
    cheers from Berlin. Following your YouTube Channel for a long time, I finally got here today.
    Working with the airline business (airline consolidator) since 35 years, and being a total airline maniac, but without much money (being a "Frührentner" as well) I try to catch as many airlines as I can afford with my little budget. Started in 1974 with a Balkan Air TU 154 and with a Cyprus Turkish Airlines DC9 in 1976, I just collected a bit more than 80 Airlines until now. Well your favourite MD 11, I have flown them from Captown to Kuala Lumpur in 1997 (or 2001 ? not sure, have been too many times in S.A., sorry) and Martin Air from Amsterdam to Tampa in 1996. I even flew a DC3 regular service by Aero Virgin Islands quite a few years ago. Amazing experience!
    I really like your channel, and your trip repords are mostly inspiring, even if of course i can´t afford to fly Business class (at most times) as you. But sometimes a pick a pearl inbetween. My Business experiences are very rare over many years, up to now QR 787/A330 CGK-DOH-TXL, KLM B747 AMS-MEX v.v (many times upper deck, best ever) ; Spanair ; INTERFLUG A 310 SXF-MLE CMB-SXF; SWISS A330 ZRH-YUL v.v.; South African A340-600 CPT-MUC; SRI LANKAN A321/A330-300 MAA-CMB-BKK; THAI SMILE; GARUDA B737 BKK-CGK-TTE; China Airlines A 340/B737 CGK-TPE, TPE-PEN... as far as I remember right now...
    But once, when I am growing up, I will try all your well presented products as well ;-)
    I like your "down to earth" style of your video presentations, this give me really some good usable and helpul informations. On some occasions, I thought you might be a bit too picky and sometimes a taste too spoiled. But over all I really enjoy watching your reports, didn´t miss a single video yet.
    In two weeks I fly to Papua (Irian Jaya, indonesian Part of New Guinea) and Maluku (die Molukken, eine Inselgruppe vor Papua gelegen) and my new Airlines will be NAM AIR (26 year old 737 classic planes,I am a bit nervous of that experience) Sriwijaya Air, Susi Air, Malindo Air, Batik Air and Myanmar National Airlines (short sidetrip to Rangon, Myanmar) So I will have another small bunch of new airlines in my portfolio, yippiehhh..! Some of those legs will be in Business as well, let´s see... (also KLM CGK-KUL on this occasion)
    Flying via SIN on SQ A350 (never been on this plane before, premium eco, I don´t expect too much though...)
    And since I´ve been living in Mexico and Costa Rica for a couple of years, I "collected" some of those airlines there, some of which don´t exist any more, like Aviacsa, AZTECA, Aero California, LACSA and so on...
    Types of planes I´ve been flying over the years (beside all Airbus and Boeing, also 727 and 737-100, exept 707, sob) were DC-8, DC-9,DC-10, BaE/Avro 146, Il-62,Tu 134,TU 154 (very spacious plane, one of my alltime favourites) Short SD 330 and 360, Saab 340, ATR 42/72, DHC Dash 8, L 1-011, BAC 1-11, Caravelle, Fokkker F27, F28, F70, F100... and so on as far as I remember right now... but given, this is over a period of 40 years, it´s not so much indeed.
    Funny thing is that I am really very much afraid of flying and getting airsick quite quickly. For me every flight is some kind of Dr.Jeckil and Mr. Hyde thing, love flying and hate flying at the same time. For that, I should fly Business on every single trip, because just the plus on space gives me a much better feeling, I don´t care about the catering so much. Just the feeling of more space relaxes me and gives me a safer and more relaxed feeling.

    Just saw your clips of VN, PR, B6, and SU today, and that somehow inspired me of writing you and to share a bit of my own enthusiasm of civil aviation and airline experiences...
    I really would be interested to know a bit more of your personel way of life, how you got to travel, your background in Germany, what do you do for living etc pp...
    Please excuse my patchy english skills, my english knowlege is quite basic, I would have rather liked to write you in german, but I didn´t dare, since this is an international site.
    So wishing you many happy flights to come, herzliche Grüsse

  • #14

    Donald Burken (Sunday, 06 January 2019 17:44)

    Just found this website. I really enjoy your videos. Keep them coming.

  • #13

    Gil Garrison (Friday, 28 December 2018 14:46)

    Hello Josh. Just discovered your blog and air travel reviews. All signed up now to keep up with what you are experiencing. I am a US based architect and design projects around the world - mostly in Asia (India, China, Indonesia,etc...), the Middle East and North Africa. Flying First and Business all the time with many of the world's fine airlines. I share your love for it. Your reviews are the best in my opinion, well paced and informative with a few fun facts thrown in. Good job! Maybe I will run into you someday soon.

  • #12

    Erik Assarat (Tuesday, 11 December 2018 17:40)

    Hi Josh:

    Do you pay for your own travels or the airlines sponsor everything?

    If you paid for all your trips, then how did you get the money to afford 150 trips per year?

    Thank you,


  • #11

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    Hazel Naomi (Sunday, 25 November 2018 12:18)

    Hi Josh, just dropping by to say hi after I came across your Malaysia Airlines video on YouTube. Well, your experience on their flight is on point as I did experienced the same thing back in 2002 on a flight from Frankfurt to Kuala Lumpur and I've not flown with MAS ever since. I guess their service hasn't changed at all! I'm sorry you had to go through the entire ordeal. Good luck in your travels! �

  • #9

    Johan & Runa (Saturday, 24 November 2018 19:35)

    Hello Josh,
    We just say your review and press releases on the Malaysian Airline flight.
    Sad to say, I am Malaysian, married to a Danish but live in Malaysia. We have been avoiding and still trying to avoid flying with MAS for most of the reasons you talked about. Unfortunately living in Malaysia means that we have to fly MAS to get to certain destinations. The service in MAS is “hit or miss”. We have had some shockers and the crew don’t care. Even MAS office don’t care after brought to their attention. All emails don’t get a response. Lately the food on MAS flights has gotten worse than previous years. Basically minimal, uninteresting food without much choice or even any choice. I would compare to food from a conference hot dog van. Even Malaysian stallside vendors have better food.
    I have almost documented problems with MAS, inflight and customer service that you would find interesting. One of my biggest issues in 2014 is that we decided to try MAS again and booked flight to Amsterdam. Prior to that both my Wife and I signed up for MAS enrich (member rewards) at a prestigious event in Kuala Lumpur. A week or 2 later we started receiving promo and point update emails from MAS. They address my wife as Mr. I look a a photo of the enrich application form. We made no mistake. I replied by email to MAS with an automated response “we have receive your email and will respond as soon as pissible”. 3 weeks later we get a response. No apology either but they will make changes. For another month we still received emails addressing my wife as mr. i called them, waited ages but got told that it takes time to change. It was changed but promotional emails didn’t. We had already travel to Amsterdam and back home to Malaysia. We missed our connecting flight in Amsterdam because MAS took off late.

  • #8

    P L RAGHAVENDRA (Thursday, 22 November 2018 06:04)

    HI JOSH...I follow all ur trips,,really like the way u shoot ur reviews..became big fan of urs..plz do indian based airlines too,,,..this is the first time i am messaging a person in website.. good luck josh

  • #7

    Naaz (Friday, 02 November 2018 11:25)

    Hi!!! I m one of your biggest fan. Have loved you & liked all your YouTube videos and have also subscribed to your YouTube Channel.
    One of my dream wish is to meet you in my Life. Hopefully it comes True soon very soon (waiting)*

    One last Question ¿ Are You Single??
    Or :(
    In a Relationship??

    Reply Awaiting!!!!!!

  • #6

    Tommy Peek (Wednesday, 24 October 2018 10:05)

    Pilot, Corporate Travel Manager, and avid cyclist who loves to travel. Just watched your review of Qantas 787 Business Class to SFO. I am taking QF50 to Melbourne on November 22 in business class, and cannot wait to check it out. Thanks for the video!

  • #5

    brian turnbull (Thursday, 18 October 2018 13:45)

    Qatar Airways upgraded their DOH-EDI service from B.787 to A.359.

  • #4

    Christian Tellerin (Thursday, 27 September 2018 21:40)

    Im a travel and flight lover! And Future Pilot. Your reviews are amazing!

  • #3

    Kevin (Saturday, 22 September 2018 22:26)

    Love watching your reviews Josh

  • #2

    Aimee Lienert McKay (Thursday, 20 September 2018 01:00)

    Hi Josh,
    Wow! What an incredible page/brand you have created!
    I came on here today to look at your review on China Eastern Airlines Business Class and was pleasantly surprised to find there incredibly inspiring stories, hacks etc.
    I plan travel extensively next year and wondered if you have ever thought about including reports from other travellers.
    I have a degree in Journalism and worked as a television journalist and reporter for Network Ten in Adelaide and Sydney as well as a News Producer at BBC and ITV in London.
    After a long, near fatal health battle, I have recently begun working (casually) for my Dad who owns a small resort in Bali. I am assisting with social media content, online management and am just about to begin blogging about his resort and the stunning west Bali coast where 'Bombora Medewi' is situated.
    I am sure you have requests such as mine on a daily basis and I understand you have built a very successful brand on your own. I would, of course, submit stories free of charge and (of course!) your edit would be final.
    I share your undying passion for air travel, in fact I purposely live on a flight path as I so enjoy 'planspotting'! My 'air travel crush' began when I was travelling with my family in Honolulu and we had a balcony overlooking the ocean, and in the distance, the airport.
    I would spend hours out there, desperately trying to entice my family members on to the 'viewing platform'. My crush turned to a full blown affair when I travelled Business Class to Tanzania 3 years ago. Since this time, webjet and seat guru are my personal porn!
    Anyhow, I have kept you long enough. Should you decide that you would like to produce your site on a solo basis, I would love to ask you how you started and if you had any tips for a fellow airline/air travel/ wanderlust junkie?!
    I am certain you're extremely busy so please get back to me at your leisure. In the meantime, safe and happy travels and dunke for your precious time.
    Aimee L McKay
    Australian citizen

  • #1

    Donald B. (Sunday, 19 August 2018 11:39)

    Traveling for 25 years now, but still have found useful tips on your website. How did I not know about Blacklane until now? In September, I go to Slovenia, which will be the 100th country I have been to. A couple of useful sites I like, are (you've probably seen this) and also, a very useful guide to you overnight airport stays including long layover tours, airport hotels, and just where to crash at an airport. Good luck in your future travels.