Business Class Review: China Eastern Airlines A330 to Shanghai

After flying on China Eastern Economy Class earlier this year I was eager to try it's Business Class product. I was on my way to the ITB in Shanghai and my flight was about to leave very early. This time I wanted to give Blacklane a shout, a limousine pick up service which offers airport drop offs and pick ups for a reasonable price.


China Eastern Airbus A330's are pretty much outdated as much as everything at Beijing's Terminal 2, including the entire building, the lounge and other facilities inside or just even near it. The flight experience was pretty average, but please read more below.

Flight Details:

Flight China Easter Airline MU5138

Beijing Capital to Shanghai Hongqiao, May 10th

Airbus A330-300 B-6125

Duration: 02:20 hours.

Seat: 9A (Business Class)

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China Eastern Airlines Lounge Beijing Airport Terminal 2

Once you enter Terminal 2, China Eastern offers a VIP check-in counter for all Business Class travellers or Elite status members. This just makes life so much easier and I received my boarding pass and lounge invitation in no time. Next Stop: Lounge.


China Eastern Business Lounge at Beijing Airport Terminal 2 is pretty basic. It offers a little buffet, a noodle kitchen and all sorts of beverages.


It doesn't have a tarmac view but from the window you can watch the tower, if that's something you are interested at. A business centre was at your service and a few screens showing Chinese news. Overall a pretty average lounge which, to my surprise, wasn't too busy.

China Eastern Business Lounge Beijing

China Eastern Business Class Cabin

On domestic and most flights within Asia, China Eastern operates these on their older Airbuses. The Business Class comes in a 2-2-2 configuration. The seat and the onboard entertainment are a bit outdated but still comfortable and offers plenty of legroom. 


The personal screens reminded me of my first TV from 20 years ago which was very grainy. The sound quality was underwhelming as well. In fact you can't hear much. The seats don't fully recline, so they remain angled. I don't like these because I can't really sleep on them. However they are still comfortable for a bit of a snooze.


Check out China Eastern Airlines Airbus A330 Seat map for more information.

Old Cabin, No Emotions but alright Food.

The service was solid but without much emotions. I barely received a smile and the crew was simply just running their tasks. I don't want to complain but I guess it's all about the service in my opinion. But priorities are certainly different at the Shanghai based airline.


However they all seemed to be very lovely and I'm sure they are all very nice but I was missing the human touch. They don't ask you whether you had a good day and if you would replace them by robots, the experience would be pretty much the same.


They offered the usual welcome drinks and asked whether I would prefer a Chinese breakfast or rather have the Western option, which I end up choosing. The food was alright, a very standard breakfast but it certainly wouldn't win a Michelin Star. However I was satisfied and the cinnamon roll was actually very delicious.

Grainy Screen, Awful Sound Quality.

After the breakfast I tried the entertainment section but the sound was just dreadful and the quality of the screen didn't really encourage me any further so I decided to nap a little bit. The selection of movies varied from a handful Hollywood blockbusters, Bollywood and some Chinese movies with English subtitles.


However we departed Beijing on time and we slowly started to descent into Shanghai Hongqiao Airport. To the left I could see Shanghai's amazing skyline, something I really enjoyed.

China Eastern Business Class Bottomline:

China Eastern is not a bad airline, but there is definitely a lot of room for improvements. The airline is currently renewing its fleet and most of the international routes are already being operated by the new Boeing 777, which comes with a great Economy Class and an even better Business Class product.


However, the Cabin Crew lacks emotions and dedication and that is something that needs to be changed. Overall, the cabin was of course a bit outdated but I personally don't think it is a problem on a short flight.

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  • #1

    James K. (Saturday, 01 July 2017 12:21)

    I'm researching a RTW trip for next year and plan to book this flight; thanks for the informative review

  • #2

    nicole (Monday, 02 October 2017 22:33)

    avoid this airline at all costs.... you have been warned

    my father had the heart attack, in Nanjing airport due to the irresponsible flight changing in China.

    he arrived at the shenyang airport three hours early to catch the flight to nanjing, however, his flight has been rescheduled to 5hrs behind the original flight, he did remind the crew that he will not catch the transit flight in Naningjing and show them the print out ticket. He saw there is a flight that will enable him to catch the Nanjing flight, but the crew insist to put him on the 5 hours later flight and tell him not to worry about it, his flight has been re-scheduled. but no one tell him the flight has been rescheduled to the next day from a different depart city, and no one told him the reason of the flight re-scheduling, which is very unprofessional and irresponsible.

    When he realized he could not catch the flight the same in Nanjing, he requested an explanation from the airline. Due to the bad customer service and his health condition, he had a heart attack at Nanjing airport, and faint out, the ambulance did him a rescue and took him to the nanjing hospital that night. as his family, who was waiting half day at Sydney airport, and has to call the airport to find where he is, why he did not arrive as scheduled, and not one tell us what happened. we nearly lost him and not beside him while he was fighting for life in the hospital.

    He had the chance to catch the flight in shenyang, but no one has scheduled him in. Not sure is there anyone has to took his seat and make him to reschedule the flight? He could rest at Shenyang if cannot catch the same flight to Sydney, instead of spending a night at Nanjing airport. The way that Shenyang crew changing his flight is very difficult to understand and we request a fair explanation.

    He has overcome his bad health situation, he finally make it to Sydney. i saw him had difficulty in breathing. I took him to the doctor straight way, hope everything is all right.

    We are requesting the explanation from China Eastern Airline for the unprofessional and irresponsible flight changing, it has been 7 days now, the airline told us that the shenyang crew could not see the transit flight in the system. that is all the response we have for this matter.



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